Please find below for FAQ from our guests. If not listed,
feel free to contact us for further information.

Directions and nearby sights

How do I get to the hotel from Miyazaki Airport?

Private car/rental car: about 60 minutes (two parking spaces available)

Bus: 120 minutes from Miyazaki Airport to the Obi Castle parking lot

Train: 90 minutes from Miyazaki Airport Station to Obi Station

How do I get to the hotel from Obi Station?

It takes about 20 minutes on foot. This lets you see the traditional samurai quarters and merchant’s street on your way, taking the scenic route.
If traveling by taxi, it is 5 minutes away.

Are there convenience stores or supermarkets nearby?

There is a convenience store three minutes away on foot (open 24 hours a day).

There is a supermarket five minutes away on foot (open until 7:00 PM).

Super Taiyo Nichinan can be found five minutes away by car (open until 10:00 PM).

Are there restaurants nearby?

Please see the map of activities and restaurants in the Obi area.

What are your recommended destinations nearby?

See this web site for a summary on Nichinan sights and things to do.

cultivate OBI

Is there a place nearby to rent bicycles?

You can rent bicycles at Obitenkura, located within the Obi touristic parking lot. They offer electric bicycles that you can use to easily go a bit farther afield.

You can also rent bicycles at JR Obi Station.

Obi 9-1-8, Nichinan City

+81-987-25-2763 (Store at Obi Sightseeing parking lot)
+81-987-31-0606 (Store at Obi Station)


500 JPY/day, 300 JPY for children

Facilities and equipment

Do other guests stay at the facilities at the same time?

No, the entire space is offered for your stay. After checking in,
you will not find permanent personnel on site.
It will be like living right here in Obi in a private space.

Do you offer towels and other amenities?

We offer bath towels, face towels, yukata robes, shampoo, conditioner, and body soap.
*Note that we do not offer toothbrushes, razors, shower caps, and skincare goods.

Do you offer kitchen supplies?

Tableware: dishes, glasses, cups, coffee mugs, chopsticks, forks, spoons, knives

Cooking utensils: kitchen knives, cutting board, pot, frying pan, peeler, cooking chopsticks, rice scoop, ladle, spatula, bowls, strainer

Appliances: microwave oven, refrigerator, rice cooker, electric kettle, coffee maker

Other: seasonings, kitchen cloths, kitchen soap, sponges, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, corkscrew with bottle opener, trashcan, etc.

Do you offer Internet and Wi-Fi?

Yes, we do. Password is provided in the room.

Are your facilities barrier-free?

There are two steps at the entrance, but the inside of the facilities is level.


How can I book my stay?

You can book online on our web site or through a travel agent.

What are the check-in and check-out times, and how does the process work?

[Check in]after 15:00

[Check out]before 11:00

*We contact those staying with us separately with details on the check-in and check-out process. If no other guests will be staying before or after you, we can flexibly adjust the time to accommodate you.
Can you hold my luggage before check-in and after check-out?

We do not have personnel permanently on-site, so we cannot ordinarily keep your luggage.
However, we may be equipped to assist you if there were no other parties checking in or out before or after you.

Is smoking permitted on the premises?

This is a historic wooden building, so smoking is non permitted anywhere on the premises.

Will you clean the house if we are staying for a long period?

We clean the house for stays of one week or more,
on a weekly basis. You will find a washing machine on premises that you can also use.

Are breakfast and dinner included?

We do not serve meals. You are welcome to enjoy the signature Nichinan specialty of free-range chicken, or fresh fish, in the nearby area.
A breakfast set is offered at Gallery Kodama, two minutes away on foot, for 2,000 JPY (tax inclusive) per person. We cannot deliver food to your room.
Requires a booking by at least two days in advance (closed on Tuesdays).

Can we use the space for parties or special events?

Provided the event is kept within a reasonable scope, you may. Please book your stay for the actual number of people who will be using the space.

*If your activities will disturb those in the vicinity, we may ask you to stop and leave the premises. Note that we cannot reimburse you for any fees at that time.

Can I bring my pets?

We apologize, but the home contains antique furniture that cannot be replaced,
so we do not accept pets on premises.

What should I do if I damage the facilities or equipment?

Please contact us immediately. In some cases, we may require you to compensate us.

What should I do in the event of an emergency?

Please contact us; we will guide you in what to do.

Where can I dispose of my garbage?

Sort cans, jars, and plastic bottles separately from burnable garbage and leave them in your room; we dispose of them for you.
Please do not dispose of trash outside.

Prices and payment

How can I pay my charge?

We process your credit card information at the time of your booking online.

Will I be charged for utilities?

They are included in the price.

Is there a charge for children?

If you do not need extra bedding or towels, children stay free of charge.
Note that children staying at the hotel are subject to adult rates.

What are the cancellation fees?

[8 to 14 days before Check-in] 30% of total charge

[2 to 7 days before the Check-in] 50% of total charge

[1 day before Check-in or No-show] 100% of total charge



Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our place.

email contactTEL +81-70-4351-8184
/ FAX +81-987-25-1630